Epicure inspires good.

Since day one, Epicure has embraced its vision to inspire good. Sylvie Rochette founded Epicure in 1997 with a passion to answer every family’s eternal question: What’s for dinner? Sylvie’s response has given rise to a food movement that today has nourished and changed millions of lives. Now, Sylvie and her daughter, Amelia Warren, continue that legacy, helping time-starved families connect across the table to share epic food, eat healthier and live better lives.

We believe good food is for everyone.  

We’re all about real connection, real food and changing lives.  

We team up with amazing entrepreneurs who motivate their communities to eat well and get healthier.

Get paid to share products you love.  

Become an Epicure Ambassador, get paid to share products you love.  

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Passionate about good food, living well and feeling better?  

Let’s get the conversation started.

Become a Brand Ambassador

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Ambassador Benefits

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Is your passion for life feeling a little cooked? Simmer down, we got you.

Epicure. For an epic life.